Highway of Love

release May 25, 2013 (Silvox Records sil296)
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight – Highway Of Love

Monkey Tale   (4.47)  R.Orlemans

Shotgun Shack    (3.41)   R.Orlemans

It Was You    (4.11)   R.Orlemans

Move On To The Light   (4.49)   R.Orlemans

Don’t Wanna Die*    (6.11)   R.Orlemans

Hear Me Calling      (4.20)   A.Lee

Highway Of Love    (2.56)   R.Orlemans

Night Bird*   (6.14)  R.Orlemans

Rumble In The Sky     (2.36)  R.Orlemans

It’s All Over Now  (4.22)   B.&S.Womack)

Bony Moronie  (3.15)  L.Williams)

El Diablo’s Dance   (4.27)  R.Orlemans

That’s The Way To Boogie (3.30) R.Orlemans

Monkey Tale (radio edit) (3.40)  R.Orlemans

(59.05 )  total time

Rob Orlemans – Guitars/Vocals
Piet Tromp      – Bass

Ernst van Ee    – Drums

Special Guest:
Julian Sas*
– Lead Guitar (right channel) on “Don’t Wanna”
– Slide Guitar on “Night Bird”

Additional musicians:
Willem v/d Schoof  – Hammond in background on “Don’t Wanna Die”
René van Zon – Sax on “That’s The Way To boogie”
Jan de Ligt – Sax solo on outro “It’s All Over Now”
Ber van Buren – Percussion on “That’s’The Way To Boogie”

Recorded at Rodisc Music Studio, Tiel The Netherlands

Engineer : Robbo

Producer: Rob Orlemans 2013
All songs arranged by Rob Orlemans, Piet Tromp, Ernst van Ee

Mastering by Caspar Falke , Silvox NL

Front cover design by J. Weyers / P. Pauwelen, Krefeld (D)

Package design: Renske Keuper. www.ngungure.nl

Phone The Netherlands